About Us

Welcome to Slenderbody, a proudly Australian company where we constantly endeavor to bring all your beauty needs at the convenience of your fingertips. From head to toe, we have all the bodycare products you need to look after your skin! Body creams and slimming gels, weight loss supplements or beauty equipment. Whether you want to exfoliate your skin or are worried about wrinkles, our body care range here at Slenderbody, has a product to suit your needs.

Benefits of shopping at Slenderbody:

  • We cater for both professional (resellers) and personal customers
  • Secure payment with PayPal or credit card or direct deposit!
  • NO minimum purchase order requirement for personal customers
  • NO maximum limit per customer!
  • We ship internationally!

We currently ship our products to Australia as well as the United States, Canada, most countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

If you need a product from our featured brands, but don't see it in our online warehouse, please ask us about it - we might still have it in stock. If not, we will order it for you.

If you need further information about our products, please feel free to ask - we'll do our best to answer your queries.

At your service,

The Slenderbody Team